Get ahead start into 2020



M.D. - Regional Director, NJ, PA

"I have worked with Zully for over 10 years and she has been a great partner.  My success is in part to the hard work that Zully puts in on a weekly basis.  Highly recommend!!"   - M.D., Regional Direoctor - NJ, PA                    ​   

Heather - Regional Director, OH

 "I call Zully the Scheduling Ninja!!  She has an amazing ability of scheduling me at least 4 weeks ahead and the days are filled with face-to-face appointments or phone appointments.  I tell clients if they want to schedule something to let me know ASAP before Zully schedules over it.  She has helped my business by keeping me in front of my clients every 8 weeks.  I would highly recommend Zully and get ready for a quick start to your business."   -Heather D, Regional Director - OH


Jeanette - Regional Director, MI

"I began working with Zully and Timefficient in 2018.  She has made an immediate impact on my business by helping to coordinate events and secure appointments with financial advisors.  Zully handles the logistics!  She is detail oriented, organized  and tenacious.  With her help my calendar is consistently full and week after week, I am meeting more advisors than if I was handling the scheduling myself.  Zully is a partner in my practice!    -Jeanette, Regional Director, MI

Karen - Regional Vice President, TX

"As an annuity wholesaler, I hired Zully's firm, Timefficient this year to help with the scheduling of appointments.  This service has proven very valuable as it allows me to do what I need to do and that is SELL and not waste precious business hours scheduling appointments.  Her service module is in the name...Timefficient!  I recommend her service to any wholesaler in the industry."   -Karen, Regional Vice President, TX

Joann - Sales Vice President, MA


"Through Timefficient efforts, I have been able to focus on increased sales calls in a more organized and efficient manner.  This allows more time to focus exclusively on driving sales and has considerably increased my sales revenue.  I consider Timefficient an integral part of my business and a contributing factor to increased productivity and service."    - Joann, Sales Vice President, MA