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Scheduling Appointments


Develop appointment strategies using zoning technology to optimize time with clients and minimize travel time.  We schedule and confirm all types of meetings, including office meetings, phone meetings, seminars and large group meetings. 

Territory Rotation Plan


Our schedulers partner with wholesalers to develop a territory rotation plan to cover a territory and maximize time with top producers. 

Wholesaler Scheduling Services


If you like to manage your own calendar, learn how to schedule like the scheduling professionals.    We offer individualized plans and client support services for optimal results.

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5 Reasons to have a Scheduler on your Team:


  1. Time Management:  A scheduler will improve your time management in the field.  All meetings are strategically planned to reduce travel time and allow sufficient time between appointments.
  2. Efficiency:  ​Maximizing your time in one given area with quality meetings is more productive.  Schedulers have time to make multiple calls to advisors resulting in an increased number of appointments.  
  3. ​Productivity:  Increasing your efficiency will increase your productivity.  Time is money and we make every minute count.  
  4. Focus on your Goals:  Eliminating the tedious task of scheduling allows for more time to prepare for sales meetings, complete paperwork, record territory activities, and personally contact clients to build a better relationship.  
  5. Promote your Business:  A scheduler represents another member of your team, providing valuable service and raising your profile with advisors.  Every time an advisor hears your name and your product name it raises awareness and recognition of you, your company and your product.